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Here are the things you must know before you sign up:

  • LokalePH is an online eCommerce application that aims to be the leading eCommerce player in South East Asia.

  • The email address you provide should be the email you are currently using because you will use it to verify your account.

  • You can join the Affiliate Program of LokalePH. Check LokalePH's Company Policy for more details.

Benefits of having a LokalePH account:

  • Convenience
    I know your 24 hours is consumed by work, commute, and rest. Why not shop online to save time and energy? (It will save you transportation costs, too)

  • Affiliate program
    Be a part of LokalePH. Enjoy benefits, commissions, and more!

  • Access to local and independent products
    We have partnered up with the most amazing local and independent entrepreneurs in the Philippines. You can check out the limited editions!

  • Reserve/Bookmark
    You won’t ever hide another shirt from the racks again. You can just bookmark items and buy it later.

  • Product Variety
    Who knew innovation meant navigating the whole mall through a screen?

  • No more crowds and queues!
    No traffic, no cashier queues, no more waiting.