Quantum Shield

Quantum Shield

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Quantum Shield - Anti radiation by. Japanese Technology - Quantum Science

#Quantum #Shield

?Enhanced with Scalar Energy

?Product Description

?World’s First Scalarized Sticker

One of the latest innovations of Scalar technology, this Quantum Shield features the stylish logo in a small and handy size. Ideal to apply on various electronic gadgets that we use everyday.

#QuantumShield is designed to be sticked on to cellphones, computers and other electronic gadgets as a protective shield against the harmful #electromagnetic #radiation from these electronic gadgets.

By watching television, using your cellular phone, playing video games, on your computer or laptop, using the microwave and other electronics, your brain waves are modified by these frequencies changing your normal brain wave functions and patterns.

✔️The Quantum Shield modifies these harmful frequencies allowing them to work with your body in a harmonious way.

Research in Finland shows that Skin Cells and DNA are altered by exposure to cellular phone use. – Associated Press, February 12, 2008.

➡️Damage nerves in the scalp.

➡️Cause red blood cells to leak hemoglobin.

➡️Cause memory loss and mental confusion.

➡️Cause headaches and induce extreme fatigue.

➡️Create Join pain, muscle spasms, and tremors.

➡️Create burning sensations and rash on the skin.

➡️Alter the brain electrical activity while sleeping.

➡️Induce ringing in the ears and impair sense of smell.

➡️Precipitate cataracts, retinal damage and eye cancer.

➡️Open the blood brain barrier to viruses and toxins.

➡️Reduce the number and efficiency of white blood cells.

➡️Stimulate asthma by producing histamine in mast cells.

➡️Cause digestive problems and raise cholesterol levels.

✔️The Quantum Shield is designed to protect mankind from the “Invisible Killer”, harmful Electro Magnetic Frequencies and Electro Magnetic Radiation. Many scientists have proclaimed EMF/EMR pollution, or electro-smog, as the most damaging form of pollution facing mankind today, and may even threaten our very existence on earth. We are now exposed to 100 million times the amount of EMF/EMR as compared to our grandparents. There are numerous studies and coverage available on the Internet on this growing but unstoppable menace to mankind. Fortunately for mankind,

✔️Our Quantum Shield has the ability to protect humans from these harmful EMF/EMR.

✔️This revolutionary Quantum Shield offers the most advanced technology to address stress where you live, work and play. Its universal application means the same

✔️Quantum Shield can be applied on all your electronic tech-gadgets (wired or wireless), household appliances, etc. – all of which emit various levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) or electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

➡️Research has shown prolonged and repeated exposure to aggressive EMF and EMR causes a measurable stress response and negative shifts in the body’s key energetic systems.

✔️The Quantum Shield can be used on any appliance or device emitting electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) or electromagnetic radiation (EMR), such as mobile phones, home phones, cars, microwaves, computers, game consoles, home appliances, etc. If it plugs and plays on DC or AC currents, protect it with Quantum Shield.

✔️Quantum Shield “simply” blocks a large percentage of EMF or EMR that comes through it and it really works! Some appliances may need only 1 Quantum Shield, others may need 2, 3 or more depending on the nature of the device.