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Featured 22 Aug Top 4 Ecommerce Trends To Watch Out This 2019

Top 4 Ecommerce Trends To Watch Out This 2019

Ecommerce has been one on the rapidly growing market throughout the internet. The following are the ecommerce trends that you should watch out this 2019:

1. Dropshipping

Drop shipping has become one of the e-commerce trends that gain much attention nowadays. It is a method in which the business does not store the products they sell. Instead, they purchase it from a third party business. They become more like a middleman that connects buyers and sellers.

2.  Chatbots

Chatbots increase sales, acquisition, conversions, and retention. One of the most used chatbots is Facebook Messenger. Businesses have been integrating messenger in their pages - they can customize it, provide welcome messages, and post ads inside the messenger. Through chatbots, customer service has become easier. No more waiting, they provide the needed information for the items, and they simulate interaction that satisfies the customers.

3. Personalization

Personalization means tailor-fitting the content, recommendations, offers, UI data of a customer based on their persona and actions. Some of the personalized marketing schemes are: personalized search results, upselling after a purchase, adjusting page contents and navigation according to user interests, geo-location targeting, etc.

4. Niche Market

Niche market means having a specific target market where your brand will revolve around - provide solutions in the pain points of this market. By having a niche market, you can focus on what you really want and have more time to strategize and improve your market. You can be more competitive and gain your own market share.